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Media Training 

When it comes to speaking to the media, many of us are spooked from the outset. Who is my audience? How big is my audience? Do I need to make them laugh? How long should I speak? What should I include – and leave out? Do I need slides? Video? Add a television crew into the mix for a quick interview on the evening bulletins and it is enough to turn the coolest of customers into jelly.

Candidates will be taught how to perform with complete confidence in press, radio and TV interviews, at press conferences and industry gatherings. Whether it is an introduction to the media workshop or a one-on-one session for a seasoned spokesperson with a particular interview to prepare for, the course will help an organisation’s representative to get the messages across effectively to customers, investors, staff and the public.

Through a series of realistic TV, radio and press practical exercises, designed to strengthen existing skills and develop new ones, candidates will be able to speak with confidence, clarity and panache in the office, the boardroom and in any interaction with journalists. All interviews are recorded to give a realistic experience of being in the media spotlight and performing under pressure.

Female Vlogger

The course covers:

  • What makes news


  • What journalists want


  • How to prepare for interviews with different TV outlets and publications


  • How to take control and communicate what you want to say


  • How to handle tricky questions


  • Voice coaching and body language

"A very interesting snd engaging session, where I learned a lot about myself that I didn't know before "

Investment Bank
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