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Communication Skills For Apprentices

Stand Up Meeting

What you will learn  :

  • Know how to increase confidence and make an impact through strong vocal techniques.

  • Understand how to manage fillers and stay in control of the message.

  • Know how to make effective language choices that make the right impact.

  • Know how to structure a message persuasively on the spot.

  • Have the confidence to get your voice heard in a meeting and make a contribution.

  • Be in control of body language choices to maintain presence.

“I’ve joined a brilliant workshop with Annie fine and Cat Clancy today, where we explored the ways to communicate effectively in our new ‘virtual’ worlds.
“Having spent years focusing on how to engage and connect with groups and large audiences ‘face to face’, it’s important to me that my online communication is as effective as it can be. I’m a huge advocate for virtual classrooms and know they will become an increasingly important tool to use in the development of individuals, leadership teams and organisations.
“I’ve taken away some great tips today that will help me continue on the journey. Thank you both!”


​Phil Hudson Evans,
Head of People and Cultural Development
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