Presentation & Public Speaking

The essence of presenting is to capture the audience‚Äôs attention and sustain their interest, until the presentation ends. The drama skills we use help us to focus on the right mental approach, good content and dynamic delivery.

Aim of the course:

  • Helping people in overcoming their fear of giving presentations and managing nerves
  • Sharing techniques that will captivate the audiences and identify how you want your audience to feel and react
  • Understanding the importance of creating your own personal style and create a strong impact
  • To gain a sense of enjoyment while focusing on vocal and physical techniques
  • Looking at planning, organisation, content and handling questions

What we do:

  • We help you create your own personal style through verbal and non- verbal  techniques
  • We give you techniques to help you engage an audience and cement confidence
  • We focus on delivery techniques and help you to discover the tools of voice and body language
  • We give you strategies to manage nerves and enjoy the moment