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Presentation & Language Skills

What you will learn  :

  • Know how to use language in order to create an executive style of presentation 

  • Be aware of the effect of words and have the confidence to expand vocabulary

  • Understand how begin a speech and how to use sequencing

  • Know how to use phrases which are effective if things go wrong 

  • Be able to deliver material succinctly and clearly.

  • Understand how to structure your content and bring it to life

Casual Business Meeting
“After many years of dreading public speaking engagements the time came to confront it head on as my career became more dependent on it. I got in touch with Annie who, in turn, organised for me to see cat. she worked wonders and gave me some easy techniques to counter the nerves.
Whilst I would not say I am the finished article I can at least stand up and deliver an hour long presentation to over 100 people without dreading it. thank you Annie and cat.”

Pembroke Vct Plc
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