This course is about gender and how gender can influence communication skills. The course explores different communication methods so that women can feel and be impactful at work. 



  • We have researched and analysed women’s behaviour in the work environment and discovered that some women hold back and don’t reach their full potential
  • The aim is for women to gain self awareness in order to obtain control
  • We want women to feel confident and inspired and therefore we ask the following questions which are analysed in the course: Do women hold back? Do they apologise more?  Do they exhibit less confidence? Do they over-compensate their communication style? Is female confidence rewarded or judged negatively?



  • We focus on different communication styles in order to build confidence
  • We help women to find their voice and give them strategies to empower themselves
  • We look at linguistic difference and analyse patterns of behaviour between the genders
  • We look at different methods of conveying a message with clarity and emphasis